Moving Out of State? Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind

Moving out of state

Each year hundreds of thousands of people move to a new state in search of a new job, new environment, or new life. Moving to Montana has become more popular in recent years. The idea of moving to another location can spark a lot of exhilaration and excitement. It can also feel a bit overwhelming, so here are 10 things you should keep in mind before and during the big move. 

  1. Plan for the Big Day. While moving day might still be far off into the future, it helps to visualize the actual moving day to get an idea of what it looks like. Will you be packing and moving yourself or will you be hiring movers? Will you be asking friends to help you pack and move or will the movers do all the packing for you? Does your employer have the facilities to help you with the moving process? Getting an idea of whether you’ll be hiring professional movers or doing it all yourself will help you determine how much money to save for the moving process.

  2. Decide What to Do with Your Belongings. If you are moving from one home to another, chances are high you have a long inventory list of belongings. Moving from one state to another is going to be expensive, so now is the time to take inventory and decide what you will keep, donate, or throw away. Consider holding a yard sale for large items like furniture and listing other items on selling platforms. When donating, remember that you can claim the deduction on next year’s taxes.

  3. Pack Ahead of Time. When you give yourself the time to do things, you won’t be rushed and are less likely to be stressed and make mistakes. If you’re able to start a month prior to the moving day, this should give you enough time to start with the items you use less frequently, on up to what you use most often. Clearly label each box with the room where they belong, as well as a written list of the contents on top.

  4. Revamp Your Budget. Let’s face it; moving to another state can be expensive. If you’re concerned about money being a little bit tight, there are ways to ease the financial burden. Schedule your moving day for one that has lower moving cost estimates, use recycled packing materials, and do as much of the work you can comfortably do yourself. Reroute some of the money you might be spending on eating out toward your moving fund.

  5. Call Utility Companies Before You Arrive. Utilities are often what runs in the background of our lives and aren’t thought about unless something goes wrong. The last thing you want is to arrive in your new home and not have basic services such as gas and electric, internet access, trash pickup, sewer, etc. This is also the time to find out if there will be a gap in service. If you expect to arrive with certain (or all) of the utilities not yet working, you can plan ahead of time for that inconvenience.

  6. Consider Shipping Your Car. If you are moving to Montana but don’t plan on driving your car there, you’ll need to arrange for it to be shipped to your new home. It can take up to two weeks for your car to arrive, so plan on renting a car, taking public transportation or using a ride-share service for the first several days you have arrived at your new place.

  7. Research Your New City. Each state and each city is different; they are governed by different laws and requirements. You’ll want to find out about the schools your children will be attending, when they require registration, and what forms need to be filed. If you are a pet owner, research the veterinary clinics in the area and you can also discover new job opportunities as well as entertainment venues and even dining options.

  8. Be Patient. Moving is one of life’s most exciting – and challenging – events. With so many different elements working together, you’re bound to experience one of them falling out of synch. The movers might be late, a prized possession accidentally broke, or your vehicle doesn’t arrive on time. Manage your expectations by going into the moving process with an abundance of patience.

  9. License & Registration. If you are moving to Montana from out of state, you are required to update your license and registration information. Go online to see the exact guidelines for your municipality.

  10. Keep a Ready-to-go-Bag. Amid the hustle and bustle of a move, the last thing you want is to dig through endless boxes looking for something you use and need all the time. Keep all of your necessary items (including documents you need for the move) in a ready-to-go-bag so they are never far from sight.

A growing interest in outdoor recreation, and people searching for a better quality of life have all contributed. According to California Movers USA, In 2021, Montana had the highest net inflow of moves per capita, with 73% of moves inbound.” Prescott Ranch has become a destination neighborhood in Montana for those looking to enjoy the creature comforts and luxury of home while still living in amid a natural, rural environment.