Reasons to Move to Montana

reasons to move to montana

Montana may be known as the last best place, but you could just as easily simplify that and call it paradise. A spot this spectacular is worth sharing, and while there are a variety of reasons that make big sky country home like no other, there are a few specific reasons we think you’ll love it. Here’s why you should consider a move to Montana. 

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Big Sky Montana Lifestyle

If you love the outdoors—whether it’s camping, hiking, fishing, skiing, or anything else under the big sky—you’ll love what Montana has to offer. Most people come here for the pristine natural areas, the wilderness worth frolicking in, and the recreation opportunities that go on forever. Spend nights sleeping under the stars or soaking in hot springs with a local craft brew in hand. Enjoy barbeques and cookouts when the evenings stretch long and then cozy by the fire with hot cocoa while you wait for powder days in the colder months. There’s something about the pace of living here that fits perfectly with savoring each day. 

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High Quality of Life 

According to the top-ten ranking by CNBC, Montana ranks seventh in the top ten states to live in. In 2019, we tied with Colorado and got kudos for our high air quality, good health, and low crime rate. They did mention that the state is somewhat lacking in tourist attractions. Still, we’re not sure if they’ve heard of Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, the eight national monuments, the 55 state parks, and the 28 National Historic Landmarks in the state. 

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Quality Housing at Affordable Prices

Whether you are looking for a particular size lot, an amenity-filled community, or a maintenance-free experience, Montana has a variety of properties to suit your needs. We know all about this at Prescott Ranch. We meet a big sky country dream come true. We have several options to cater to different tastes. Our homes come with upgrades you won’t get at other Montana builders, and we know that the delights are always in the details. Come by our Sales Office and find out more.

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Plenty of Space 

Montana’s population just topped one million a few years ago, making it the 44th most populated state in the nation. And if you’ve ever felt a little too crowded in big cities, or cooped up by busy streets, the 94 million acres of public land to play in could be a major bonus. But people who love the hustle and bustle don’t have to worry, either. Metropolitan areas like Bozeman have plenty going on, so there’s no shortage of events, dining, activities, and shopping to enjoy.

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Business is Booming 

For the past few decades, Montana’s economy has been outperforming the national economy, according to the Department of Labor and Industry, Research and Analysis Bureau. Business and tech growth have leaped in recently, with new developments leading to rapid expansion in these fields. On top of that, the state has set visitation records in recent years that have contributed to the $3.7 billion tourism industry. A lot is going on in Montana at the moment, bringing more jobs and opportunities to residents. 

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Higher Education

Montana State University consistently ranks among the top universities in the United States, according to the US News & World Report. And its location in the Gallatin Valley—one of the most stunning spots to live if you love mountain views—makes it a natural choice for higher education, whether for you or your children. 

Ready to Move to Montana? We’re Here to Help!

Your dreams of moving to Montana can become a reality with the help of Prescott Ranch, a neighborhood that values quality and luxury amid big sky country. Find out more about our home offerings here