Why Prescott Ranch Is Worth the Drive out to Belgrade



Belgrade vs. Bozeman can seem like the battle of the Gallatin Valley. But living in Prescott Ranch is easily worth the drive to Belgrade, as you really get the best of both towns. Here are just a few of the things to love about living here.


Bigger Things in Store 

As one of the fastest-growing cities in Montana (reports disagree on whether it’s number one or number two), Belgrade has a lot going on. With investments in new schools and new businesses, there is a lot of growth to support population growth. It’s pretty clear that Belgrade’s community is the next big thing in the Gallatin Valley, and now is an excellent time to get in there. 




Ready for Takeoff 

Close proximity to Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport makes it easy to hop on a plane and take off for business or pleasure at a moment’s notice. When the airport is this close, it’s never a drag to ask for a ride to the airport. Or you can just park and go, with some of the most reasonable airport parking rates you can find.  


Cut the Commute 

When you live in Belgrade, you’re looking at a commute that still takes only a matter of minutes, even if you’re on your way to Bozeman. You can hop on I-90, or take surface streets to get a change of scenery. And you don’t have to worry about sitting in rush hour traffic for hours to creep only a few miles down the road. After all, this is Montana, where wandering wildlife is more likely to cause traffic jams than traditional gridlock. 




Go Wild in Yellowstone

It’s just a few turns out from your driveway at Prescott Ranch to catch 85 S to West Yellowstone. You can follow the scenic road through Big Sky, all the way down to the park. Alternatively, hop on I-90 E to Livingston, and head south through the Paradise Valley to the Gardiner Entrance. We’re in a part of the country here where it seems like all roads lead to Yellowstone. 


Family Fishing Fun

With Prescott Ranch’s position in Belgrade at the Gallatin Valley’s heart, you get easier access to areas like Missouri Headwaters or the Three Forks Ponds, the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers, and plenty of other family fishing spots. These areas are famous for their outdoor recreation. 




Shred the Slopes

With that prime location, at the heart of the Gallatin Valley, comes easy access to plenty of ski resorts. Bridger Bowl and Big Sky are the obvious choices, offering world-class skiing and riding without having to go far. But you can get even more adventurous and try out some of the mom-and-pop ski hills in the region as well. Great Divide, Maverick, Discovery, and Showdown are well worth visiting to check out the scene and change things up a bit. 


High-End Getaways at Your Fingertips 

In Belgrade, you have all the essentials, plus easy access to amenities in Bozeman and Big Sky. You can enjoy boutique shopping, fine dining, and luxury accommodations with a staycation in Bozeman or Big Sky. Many people travel thousands of miles to get views like this. At Prescott Ranch, mountain living comes standard. 


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