Broker Policy


We value our relationships with brokers and real estate agents like you. Working together, we are able to help homebuyers find and purchase the new home of their dreams..

To help you take advantage of all the opportunities we offer, we have created some simple guidelines and policies, as outlined below.

Specific guidelines and policies can vary by community and property. Please contact the community sales consultant for qualifying properties, details, and registeration.

POLICY: Our agent/broker fee is a referral fee for walking in your client. Like most builders, we have a strict policy of requiring agents/brokers to accompany their clients on their first visit to a neighborhood, preview event or information seminar. We do not credit any commissions to the buyers through escrow, and we do not pay a commission to a principal buyer. See full Broker Cooperation Terms and Conditions below.

REGISTERING: On your client’s first visit to the community or on their first visit to preview event (you must accompany them), you must complete our Broker Registration form. If your client has not visited the community or attended a preview event before, we will allow you to register them and attach you to their file. While you are always welcome, from that point forward you no longer need to accompany the client on future visits.


  1. Broker cooperation shall be paid only for a Bates Homes/Prescott Ranch, LLC home.
  2. Broker cooperation may not be offered for all residences in a community.
  3. Broker cooperation amounts and terms may differ from community to community and residence to residence.
  4. The broker cooperation shall be in an amount and terms determined by Bates Homes/Prescott Ranch, LLC in its sole discretion.
  5. Bates Homes/Prescott Ranch, LLC may withdraw an offer of broker cooperation or change the terms of such offer, including the residences covered by the offer, at any time without notice.
  6. If offered, broker cooperation shall be offered only to licensed Montana Real Estate Brokers.
  7. Home purchasers who are licensed real estate brokers or salespersons shall not be entitled to broker cooperation.
  8. The broker must accompany the purchaser at the purchaser’s first visit to the community, preview event or information seminar.
  9. At such first visit the broker and purchaser must execute and deliver all broker cooperation documents and materials required by Bates Homes/Prescott Ranch, LLC (“Co-op Documents”).
  10. The Co-op Documents shall apply only to the community and residence described in the Co-op Documents and not to any other residence.
  11. The broker cooperation fee shall be paid if and only if the purchaser closes escrow.
  12. The Co-op Documents may not be assigned by the broker or purchaser.