Millennials are Reshaping Luxury Home Buying 

Millennials are reshaping luxury home buying

Millennials Know What They Want

As the first generation to enter adulthood during the internet age, millennials are ready – and know what they want – in their first home purchase. Comprising more than 20% of the American population, those in their 20’s and 30’s have researched what is available, what is affordable, and the amenities that they desire to fit their lifestyle. 

Luxury Prescott Homes for Sale

The beauty of moving to Montana is the intertwining of luxury both inside and out. The homes available at Prescott Ranch are designed for those who value the ability to customize their needs with contemporary designs that reflect both modern and traditional features. Millennials appreciate that the luxurious Prescott homes for sale include all of the amenities they find necessary: lavish great rooms, functional mud rooms, and multiple seating areas that are combined with the magnificence of living in a mountainous region that is a feast not only for the eyes but also for the soul.

The Finest Selection of Newly Built Homes

With three series of new homes available – the Morgan Series, Appaloosa Series, and Lusitano Series, it is easy to find the right size and floorplan to meet the needs of any individual, couple, or family. 

Ranging in square footage from just 1,761 to over 3,500 it is easy to see how the plans in each series have brought luxury conceptualization to lavish and affordable reality. These open concept homes are designed with the idea of melding attractive architectural motifs with traditional nuances to promote healthy and productive living spaces.

Raising a Family in the Right Location

Moving to a new location requires families to peer five, ten, or even twenty years down the road. What will they be requiring as those years unfold? This new generation of homebuyers desire excellent school systems for their children, outstanding career opportunities for themselves, a deep rooted sense of community, and access to unparalleled outdoor recreation. Prescott Ranch offers all of these and more. 

Belgrade, Montana gives millennial homebuyers the opportunity to be a part of close-knit communities, top-rated Montana schools, and front door access to majestic mountain peaks on all sides that include the Bridger Mountains, Gallatin Mountains, and Spanish Peaks. World renowned skiing, fishing, canoeing, camping, and more are all within reach from Belgrade, Montana as a day or weekend trip. Millennial parents know the importance of raising children with fresh air and natural surroundings, and the newly built homes in Montana create this rich opportunity.

The Freedom of an Upcountry Lifestyle Just Minutes from the Convenience of Bozeman

As millennials transition to the role of homeowner and glean the many benefits of a residential lifestyle they may still want the accessibility offered by larger city such as Bozeman. Just 15 minutes down the road, Bozeman has a number of bistros, breweries, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, and a fun nightlife. 

As this generation embarks on the next journey in their lives, the newly built homes at Prescott Ranch in Belgrade are well-equipped to provide them with all of the amenities they prefer, amid a splendid and breathtaking backdrop that only Montana can offer.