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What is an HOA and What are The Advantages?

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) have grown in popularity over the years. An HOA provides services to homeowners that will assist them in maintaining their home and the community they live in. Homeowners Associations are responsible for setting the homeowners association fees, providing the services and amenities, setting rules and regulations, and collecting fees. Those purchasing a […]

Getting Your Finances Ready to Buy a New Home

Buying a new home takes planning, research, and patience. Not only are you considering the possibility of a new location, new schools, new employment, etc. you also need to consider the state of your finances. Is there room for improvement in this area? Have you saved up enough for a down payment? Now is a […]

Millennials are Reshaping Luxury Home Buying 

Millennials Know What They Want As the first generation to enter adulthood during the internet age, millennials are ready – and know what they want – in their first home purchase. Comprising more than 20% of the American population, those in their 20’s and 30’s have researched what is available, what is affordable, and the […]

Moving Out of State? Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind

Each year hundreds of thousands of people move to a new state in search of a new job, new environment, or new life. Moving to Montana has become more popular in recent years. The idea of moving to another location can spark a lot of exhilaration and excitement. It can also feel a bit overwhelming, […]

Stay Organized with This Essential Moving Checklist

Moving into a newly built home is one of the most exciting times of anyone’s life. It is a chance to put down roots and make a space truly your own. Since there is so much to do in the process of moving from one location to another, it is a great idea to have […]

What You Need to Know about FHA Mortgages

In March 2023, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) instituted a 30 basis point reduction to the mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) charged to homebuyers who will obtain an FHA-insured mortgage with a 3.5% down payment. This could mean savings in the thousands to many first-time homebuyers. So what is an FHA loan and how do they […]

10 Tips to Find Your Best Mortgage Rate

Whether you are moving to Montana and buying your first home or have gone through the process half a dozen times before, the journey toward buying a home is always different. A few years ago, it was relatively easy for most to secure a modest mortgage rate. Now, with rates changing and edging higher, there […]