Welcome to The Prescott Ranch Sales Center


What if shopping for a house could be as easy as deciding what you want, and then getting ready to move in? The sales center at Prescott Ranch lets you do just that. You start by choosing a floor plan and lot size, then select colors and styles for flooring, cupboards, and countertops, and then let the production side handle everything else.
It all starts with a trip to the Prescott Ranch sales center, where you get a taste of the luxury homebuilding operation. Here’s what to expect from your visit.


A New Way to Buy a Home

The batch-production method that Prescott Ranch employs means that you could be looking at as little as 65 days from laying the foundation to move-in ready. Depending on when you enter the process, you could be flipping through finish options at the sales center, and calling the movers just two months later. You also may be able to pick from homes already under construction to speed up the process.

The experience of choosing the finishing touches for your home makes the whole home-buying affair even more special. And the flexibility to pick between a variety of floor plans and styles for each home type ensures you get the home you want. Come to the sales center, where you can flip through finishes, take a look at the tile, and peruse siding color options at your leisure. Explore the entire development without even leaving your chair as you scroll and swipe through the touch-screen monitor in the office.

If you select a home that’s already in production, you could be move-in ready in less than two months. Choosing a lot instead means you could be looking at a much longer time frame, but you still have the option if it means getting the specifics you prefer.



We Include All the Amenities

High-end products, including finishes like stone countertops, all come standard. With most builders, those details that lend a luxurious feel are extras with a higher price tag. But at Prescott Ranch, there are no upgrades required. All you have to do is choose your favorites, or go with what the designers have already picked out. You can be confident that you’ll end up with a style that will last. This can be classic or contemporary, but it’s always utterly personal to you.



A Location to Get Excited About

Centrally located in the Gallatin Valley in the town of Belgrade, the neighborhood positions you for easy access to the great outdoors, with only a fifteen-minute drive to Bozeman. The sales center is conveniently located onsite to let you scope out the neighborhood and get into the nitty-gritty of what you’re looking for in a forever home, all at once.



Family Dynamic

When you’re working with Prescott Ranch, you’re working with the Bates family. During your trip to the sales center, you’ll chat with Shawn about all the available options, while brother-sister team Fred Bates Jr. and Tedra Bates take on building and marketing.

Keeping it all in the family means that the focus is on you, the customer, rather than directed at appeasing shareholders. We also don’t insert an intermediary by selling to a builder before you even enter the equation. The Bates family does things differently. They prioritize family and community above all, making them the perfect people to help you find the space to build yours.

Stop on by the Sales Center and ask for Shawn. We look forward to helping you start the journey to your new home.



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