It’s All About the Upgrades


At Prescott Ranch, we try to avoid the word “standard” as much as possible. For one thing, in design and construction, the homes in this neighborhood are anything but standard. For another, most of the fine features included in a Prescott Ranch home—at the listing price—would be considered upgrades just about anywhere else. Having those luxuries is just one of the many benefits of choosing a home here. Read on to find a few of the typical upgrades that actually come included in every Prescott Ranch home.



Many developers complete the roof and walls of a new home and leave the landscaping in the homeowner’s lap. But at Prescott Ranch, landscaping is included, leaving your curb appeal high and your home ready for making memories as soon as you move in. The classy look compliments the rest of the neighborhood, affording a stylish ambiance as you drive up the street to your home.   





High-end cabinets, stone countertops, and extra window real estate are all the baseline in your home at Prescott Ranch. For many developers, those would be considered extras, with a higher price tag to match. But here, our basics are anything but. 

Depending on where in the building process, you select your home, you may have the option of choosing personalized finishes to suit your style. But even if you want a home that’s already built, you know you’re getting a classic style that has benefited from the input of experienced interior designers, sure to capture the chic feel you’re looking for. 



The design of a Prescott Ranch home integrates function and form, coming from award-winning architects who understand how to create a floor plan that works. The details are so numerous; it’s hard to believe when you start listing them all.

In Montana, many homes still don’t have central cooling, but A/C is included in the price at Prescott Ranch to keep you comfortable in every season. And the intelligent central heating system is designed to keep you toasty warm all winter long. Many homes have over-stove vents that filter air and recirculate it back into the house. But here, we actually vent it to the outside, so those cooking smells are gone from your home rather than filtering into upholstery and rugs. 





It’s all about reducing your footprint and saving you money down the road, with the ultimate in insulation, high-quality windows, efficient heating and cooling systems, and more. 

Energy-saving appliances and extras have the immediate benefit of helping our planet. But of course, you can’t forget the fact that better insulation and higher-quality appliances will help your wallet in the long run, with lower electricity bills and deferred replacement cost for appliances like your fridge and washing machine. 

To get a full picture of the homes at Prescott Ranch, it’s worth a stop at our sales center. During your visit, you can compare the benefits of different floor plans, flip through countertop and cabinet options, and feel the difference that quality makes. Click here to plan your visit now. 


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