Homes for Sale in Montana: A Lifestyle Among the Mountains

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There is something different, something wild about living near the mountains. It’s unlike any other type of lifestyle and calls to people who long to breath in fresh air, lose themselves in big skies, and never tire of the craggy, majestic peaks. If you are one of those people then you understand the call, and a life in Montana provides a spectacular answer to it.

Belgrade is a unique area because it is blessed with mountains on every side including the Gallatin Mountains, Spanish Peaks, and Absaroka Mountains. This means that when you’re ready to do more than just look and stand in awe of the scenery, there’s an entire world of activity available to you for day and weekend getaways. A lifestyle among the mountains is a lifestyle that incorporates fun, leisure, and adventure whenever you desire it. The homes for sale in Bozeman, MT are lovely, but the nearby city of Belgrade ican be more attractively priced, less populated, and just minutes away from big city conveniences. 

Homes for sale: Bozeman, MT provides amazing outdoor opportunities for an active lifestyle

The Gallatin Range is situated just to the south of Bozeman. Ten of its grandest peaks are over 10,000 feet and its southernmost peaks are in the northwestern portion of Yellowstone National Park. The mighty Yellowstone River flows on the eastern section of the Gallatin Range and is known as one of the United States’ most fertile trout fisheries.  You are invited to participate in activities that encompass a number of categories including wildlife, adventure, and education. 

Some of these include:

  • Little Bear School House Museum & Historical Society
  • Warren Miller Performing Arts Center
  • Alpine Adventures
  • Elkhorn Ranch Sleigh Rides
  • Lava Lake Hiking Trails
  • Garnet Mountain Loop

The Bridger Mountain Range is situated to the northeast of Bozeman/Belgrade and is considered to be a part of the Gallatin National Forest. Its tallest 5 peaks are well over 8,500 feet in height and it is home to Bridger Bowl, Bozeman’s most popular ski hill. There are also a number of trails nearby that beckon adventurers for afternoon hikes. Mountain goat, deer, and elk are found in abundance here, making for gorgeous wildlife viewing. Plus, for two weeks in the fall, raptors use Bridger Canyon as a stop during their migration south. Visitors have all types of activities to engage in including:

  • Camping and family campgrounds
  • Bridger Bowl skiing
  • Hiking the College M Trail
  • Horseback riding
  • Mountaineering

The Beartooth Mountains are located in central Montana along with northwest Wyoming. They exist as part of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem with over two dozen peaks in excess of 12,000 feet. Here, visitors are privy to waterfalls, lakes and even glaciers. Some of the activities to try when you visit include:

  • Snowmobiling
  • Drive the Beartooth Highway – hairpin turns and amazing vistas make you feel on top of the world
  • Go skiing even during the summer. While many ski mountains are closed off during the summer months, the Beartooth Ski Area gives skiers a summertime haven

The Absaroka Range is situated to the southeast of Bozeman / Belgrade and stretches a good 150 miles across Montana’s border with Wyoming. And at 75 miles wide, the Absaroka Range is technically a part of the Central Rocky Mountain Chain. The highest peaks include Jupiter Peak, Francs Peak, and JoJo Mountain. In addition to the incredible views available when hiking through the Absaroka Range, there are a number of other adventure opportunities available including:

  • Dude & Guest Ranches that offer a hands-on, interactive experience for those who love the wilderness 
  • Trailheads & Campgrounds in the Shoshone National Forest
  • Hire an outfitter to make the most of your adventure vacation

The Madison Mountain Range is located northwest of Yellowstone National Park with the Madison River on the west and the Gallatin River on the east. A beautiful range of mountains to go hiking, fishing and appreciate the endless Montana sky. The highest peak in the Madison Mountain Range is Hilgard Peak, which stands at over 11,300 feet. Options abound for adventure seekers including hiking and camping, along with:

  • Mountaineering
  • Scrambling – which is described as ‘easy’ mountaineering
  • Trad climbing
  • Backpacking
  • Fishing
  • Viewing wildlife

Homes for sale: Bozeman, MT also provides a safe environment for families

There are so many reasons to consider moving to one of the many homes for sale near Bozeman, MT including the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding mountains, summer skiing, a low crime rate1, and an excellent school system2 making it a superb option for an individual, couple or entire family.

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