Scenic and Exciting Things to do Near Bozeman, MT

things to do near bozeman mt

Discover seven wonderful things to do near Bozeman, MT any time of the year. 

If you’re looking for access to dozens of outdoor activities, you’ve come to the right place. Set inside the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, things to do near Bozeman, MT include a range of athletic, cultural, and educational activities that are family, couple, and individual-friendly. Choose from quaint storefronts to nature trails, fly fishing, a Dinosaur Complex, and so much more.

Bozeman is a college town, home to Montana State University that is known for its friendly people and bursting-at-the-seams charm. The vastness of the Rocky Mountains makes for stunning views, while the town itself bustles with activity and offers neighborly enchantment.

Spend Some Time on Main Street

Main Street in Bozeman is home to a number of appealing storefronts, many of which boast a western feel. There are dozens of shops and eateries to visit. Plus, you’ll take heart in knowing that you are patronizing local businesses while enjoying dishes that are unique to Montana such as elk burgers, huckleberry pie and if you so choose, slightly sweet and tender Bison.

Things to do Near Bozeman, MT: There are Plenty of Slopes for the Avid Skier

Big Sky Resort: Just an hour outside of Bozeman is Big Sky Resort, offering access to four mountains and 6,000 acres of terrain. Rated as one of the very best ski resorts in Montana, Big Sky is popular among snowboarders and downhill ski enthusiasts alike. Bridger Bowl Ski Area: With a vertical rise of 2,700 feet, Bridger Bowl Ski Area allows access to 2,000 acres of skiable terrain and its highest lift-served elevation is an impressive 8,700 feet. 300 inches of annual snowfall makes for a reliable snowpack for its more than 75 runs.

Have a Bear of a Time at the Montana Grizzly Encounter

Striving to maintain a healthy quality of life for bears that were born in captivity or would not likely survive in the wild, this habitat allows rescued grizzly bears to live out their lives peacefully. The park encourages a healthy respect for the imposing wild animal via the ability to view them up close, as well as through various demonstrations and educational functions.

Grab a Hike with a Stunning View at Burke Park

Main Street to the Mountains is a trail system that takes hikers to a vantage point where they can see the entire town of Bozeman, as well as the spectacular Montana sunsets. Also known as Peet’s Hill, the trail starts off Main Street and encompasses about 41 acres of land. In addition to the colorful sunsets, the vantage point also affords spectacular views of the Bridger Mountains, Mount Ellis, and Hyalite Peak.

Soak in the Bozeman Hot Springs

Rated as one of the best hot springs in Montana, visitors to the Bozeman Hot Springs are invited to enjoy 12 separate soaking pools, a campground area, and, in keeping with the health-minded spirit of Montana, a full fitness facility. But if you thought this hot springs location was just a dip in the pool, you’d be wrong. They offer a number of group and family events like charity drives, fitness classes, and live music. Booking a stay in the campgrounds affords overnight guests with unlimited access to the hot spring pools.

Experience Yellowstone National Park

As the oldest and one of the largest national parks in the United States, Yellowstone is just 80 miles from Bozeman. Home to iconic landmarks like the Grand Prismatic Spring and Old Faithful, it would be difficult to get bored in this park that is filled to the brim with hiking trails, enchanting wildlife, and charming roadside attractions. Keep in mind that while Yellowstone National Park is most known for its legendary erupting geyser, Old Faithful, it’s by far just a fraction of all of the spectacular scenery and adventure that the park truly has to offer.

Spend a Day – or a Week – in Custer Gallatin National Forest

The city of Bozeman is surrounded by three million acres of forest that is open to the public and ready to be explored. Choose to take a leisurely drive to enjoy the scenic vistas or plan a more aggressive hike through the big wilderness for a memorable backpack adventure. Montanans are known for their adventurous and robust spirit, and are fond of exploring remote locations like the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness which are abundant with mule deer, moose, elk, and yes, grizzly bears.

Bozeman, Montana is rich in history, scenery, and indoor and outdoor activities to suit any age and ability. A nearly endless variety of things to do near Bozeman, MT are ready to savor the big sky and dramatic wilderness.