Where to Find the Best Views in Bozeman & Belgrade

You’re bound to find beautiful views no matter where you go in the Bozeman area. This is partly because several mountain ranges surround the region. You’ll find many locals recreating in the beloved Bridger Mountains (or simply “The Bridgers” for short), the closest range to both Bozeman and Belgrade. And depending on where you are in town, you’ll also be able to see the Gallatin Range, Tobacco Root Range, Absaroka Range, or the Madison Range.

And while there’s no shortage of gorgeous scenery in Bozeman, we certainly have our favorite spots. It was tough to choose, but we’ve compiled our picks for the best views in Bozeman and Belgrade below.

Peet’s Hill/Burke Park

Peet’s Hill is probably the biggest bang for your buck: the short walk to the top of the hill takes just a few minutes. While the first part is a little steep, the rest of the roughly 1-mile loop is on flat ground.

Stop and admire the landscape at one of the many benches along the trail, and take notice of landmarks like the Baxter Hotel, Montana State University, and the Bridger Mountains. Peet’s Hill is also one of the best places to watch the sunset in Bozeman, no matter the season.

This trail also connects with the paved Gallagator Trail below; continue along that pathway for a longer walk.

Sky Shed

Because the Sky Shed is located atop the tallest building in Bozeman–the nine-story Kimpton Armory Hotel–you’re in for some splendid views. Rain or shine, visitors and locals alike love this rooftop bar.

When the weather’s nice, Sky Shed’s deck is a fantastic place to soak up the sun and picturesque mountain vistas of the Bridgers. And if it’s cold out, the giant windows afford panoramic views of Downtown Bozeman and beyond. It’s one of our favorite places to grab a drink and watch the sunset!

If the Sky Shed is too busy–which it sometimes is, especially on warm evenings–you can grab a spot on the balcony at the AC Hotel right across the street. From there, you’ll see Bozeman’s downtown area and the Gallatin Mountains.

MAP Brewing Company

MAP is an extremely popular brewery, and it’s not just because of the beer (although that’s great too). The surrounding scenery is breathtaking; from every window, you’ll see the Bridgers towering above Glen Lake. It’s easy to see why we think MAP has some of the best views in Bozeman!

In the winter, take in the snow-capped mountains from the expansive windows. When warmer weather returns, their patio opens with drink and appetizer service. It’s a great spot to soak up the sun and watch people recreating on the lake and sandy shores, also known as Bozeman Beach.

While MAP serves beer that’ll satisfy almost any palate, they’re especially known for two of their IPAs: the Strange Cattle New England IPA and the Midas Crush IPA. You’ll find both of them on tap at some of Bozeman’s bars. Pair them with their Hopped Cheddar Burger, made with hop-infused white cheddar cheese for a unique twist.

The M

The College “M” Trail (or “The M” for short) is arguably the most popular trail in Bozeman. Locals and visitors alike flock to the top, in part to see the giant white “M” made from painted rocks–which is the “M” in “Montana State University”.

But the other reason? To see the gorgeous scenery, of course! You’ll enjoy expansive views of Bozeman, along with several mountain ranges in the distance. And because it’s relatively short–about 1 to 3 miles round trip, depending on the route you take–it’s pretty easy to knock out in a shorter amount of time.

Because it gets a ton of sun from the west, it’s one of the first hikes to dry out in the spring. It’s also a great place to see wildflowers, starting in May and usually throughout July, depending on the weather.

Continue up the trail to Baldy Mountain for even more of a workout. Not for the faint of heart, the 4,465 feet of elevation gain over the course of almost 10 miles makes this one of the most strenuous hikes in Bozeman. However, it’s worth it: the bird’s-eye views you’ll get along the way are simply stunning. Take this trail in the summer or fall to avoid the snow.

Triple Tree Trail

Bozeman is full of hikes with breathtaking views, and Triple Tree Trail is another local favorite. Located on the south side of town, Triple Tree affords stunning mountain vistas of the Bridgers, Tobacco Roots, and Gallatin Peaks.

Take the path to the right for a more scenic route overlooking the aforementioned mountain ranges and valley below. From the top, you can either take the same route back or complete the loop and take the path through the forest. And at about 5.5 miles round trip, it makes for a pretty good workout.

Triple Tree is also brimming with aspen trees, making it one of the best places to go in the fall. Time it right (weather dependent of course, but usually sometime between early to mid-October), and you’ll be treated to swaths of golden leaves covering the hillside and lining the pathway.

In the spring and summer, be on the lookout for wildflowers! It’s one of the best places in Bozeman to see fireweed (usually in July), with its stands of tall, bubblegum pink flowers.

Cherry River Fishing Access Site

Walk one of the short, flat loops at Cherry River Fishing Access Site for amazing views of the Bridgers. The two ponds and river that flow through the area make it feel even more peaceful, and attract an abundance of wildlife.

In the spring, it’s a birding hotspot. Look for medium-sized black birds with yellow heads: the aptly named yellow-headed blackbird! Also keep your eye out for sandhill cranes, bald eagles, white pelicans, and an abundance of songbirds. Besides birds, you might see turtles, deer, or muskrats.

And as the name suggests, people love to fish here. It’s pretty easy to see why: you’ll feel relaxed the second you leave the parking lot.

Bridger Canyon

Go for a drive up Bridger Canyon Road (or Highway 86) to find some of the most impressive scenery around. With rolling hills, mountain vistas, and charming homes spread along the winding road, there’s something to see at every turn.

You really don’t have to drive far to see some of the prettiest views. The stretch between Downtown Bozeman and Bridger Bowl Ski Area is stunning, and only takes about 25 minutes one way.

For a beautiful drive closer to Belgrade, head up Springhill Road. The section between Penwell Bridge Road and the Central Valley Fire District is the most beautiful, with gorgeous views of the Bridgers and other mountain ranges in the distance.

The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

While it may seem a little surprising to include the local airport on this list, the views are tough to beat. Watching the planes land and take off in front of the Bridger Mountains is nothing short of mesmerizing. And with plentiful, giant windows, it’s impossible to miss out on the amazing surroundings!

Plus, the airport feels like a cabin; it’s full of quaint, rustic decor. Sit by the massive fireplace and marvel at the exposed wooden beams and stone accents. You may never want to leave!

This list only scratches the surface; the Bozeman area is full of places with stunning views. Whether you’re a local or visiting for the first time, there’s always something new to explore!

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