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When the Bates Homes team tapped into the genius minds of their architects and designers a unique synergy emerged, and the Morgan Series was born. This opportunity to create cozy, comfortable, and inviting homes while still adhering to the Bates Homes’ high standard of home building was a welcome assignment to apply their best efforts. Let’s take a look at the Morgan Series from their perspective. Read more


Plan 4 of our Morgan 3000 series at Prescott Ranch is the largest of our townhome-style residences, bringing stellar views and tons of space within a relatively small footprint. Our Morgan series homes, which are detached townhomes that offer more privacy and outdoor living space than you’ve likely seen in other townhomes. A vertical home with four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, Plan 4 provides a generous amount of space for entertaining and three separate floors that provide privacy when you need it. It also comes with all of the maintenance-free amenities you’ll see in any of our homes at Prescott Ranch, from high-end materials and upgrade options to pre-wired cable and internet services. Read more



If you’re looking for a home where everyone can have their own private area, and a space where everyone can come together, the Morgan Plan 3 at Prescott Ranch is the home for you. Located in the growing city of Belgrade, Montana, this three-story home is a highly-versatile haven for the whole family after days of exploring under the Big Sky. Read more


At Prescott Ranch, we have homes to fit each unique lifestyle, family size, and budget. One example is the Morgan Plan 2, which is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a huge amount of space or upkeep but loves to entertain. The Morgan Plan 2 thoughtfully creates multiple spaces for gathering within a smaller footprint and budget. Read more



If you’re looking to buy your first home, or move into a smaller space that requires less cleaning and upkeep, then the Morgan Plan 1 might be your dream home. Read more

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There’s a new kid on the block in the Gallatin Valley home scene, and it looks a little different than anything the area has ever seen. We want to introduce you to the Morgan homes at Prescott Ranch, an economical option that still holds plenty of luxury allure. Here are a few of the fine points that set the Morgan homes at Prescott Ranch apart. Read more


The Morgan homes at Prescott Ranch offer up a lot of benefits in such a slim lot size (3000 square feet, to be exact). You can find plenty to be excited about in any home at Prescott Ranch, from high-tech, quality appliances to energy-efficient everything. And the Morgan homes come with a few extra perks. This is just about the easiest living experience out there. Here’s what you can look forward to with low-maintenance living in Morgan homes at Prescott Ranch.
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When you select a Morgan Home at Prescott Ranch, you choose a home built on the spirit of Morgan horses, strong and reliable with a little pizazz. These lots are a minimum of 3,000 square feet, with home sizes in the 1600-square-foot to 2300-square-foot range. The varied floor plans offer options of two or three stories for these detached townhomes. The plan you choose is an expression of your style—and your family’s needs. So what’s so special about the Morgan Plan?
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