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When you purchase a home at Prescott Ranch, you receive far more than just a house. Each property in the neighborhood enjoys those little extras that really make your style, life, and self-expression resonate. And for the money, you’re getting a whole lot in bonus features that you won’t see included anywhere else. Here’s what you should expect from the details and upgrades inherent in a Prescott Ranch home.  Read more



As one of Montana’s fastest-growing cities, Belgrade is the place to bring your family and watch them flourish under the Big Sky. And since this town is booming, that means that development is hot right now. There’s a lot of building going on as services like schools, restaurants, and other businesses keep expanding. With so many developers to choose from, what sets Prescott Ranch apart from the crowd? Find out below. Read more



Belgrade vs. Bozeman can seem like the battle of the Gallatin Valley. But living in Prescott Ranch is easily worth the drive to Belgrade, as you really get the best of both towns. Here are just a few of the things to love about living here. Read more

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With your new Prescott Ranch home on the horizon, it’s time to take in all the available options. Let’s check out a little more about what you can discover in our range of move-in ready homes and the ones nearing completion.  Read more


There’s a reason why so many snowbirds call our corner of Montana home during the summer months. Sure, winter is a skier or boarder’s paradise, and you won’t get sick of scenic snowshoeing or winter theater productions. But summer is when the Gallatin Valley really shines. Here are a few of the things you’ll love about summer here. Read more

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A home in the Prescott Ranch neighborhood is not your average spec home with your average amenities. It’s luxury living with a much more reasonable price tag. It’s all the benefits of prime location, without the hassle of Bozeman real estate. It’s a community of people dedicated to Montana living. Here’s what is unique about premier living at Prescott Ranch. Read more

Ranch Style Décor: Montana Style Home Decorating

For some, decorating a new space is the best part of the process. Others would rather just skip over the whole procedure and get straight to living in their new home, with no move-in and decoration required. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall under, you can find a direct path to a happy home that suits your style at Prescott Ranch. Here are a few things to think about when you’re decorating your new space. Read more



Belgrade, Montana, is in a central spot in the Gallatin Valley, located just minutes from Bozeman and close to plenty of outdoor recreation. But what is it actually like to live in Belgrade? Here’s what you should have on your radar as you consider buying a home here. Read more



Join us at Prescott Ranch for our special Preview Weekend, coming up on June 27 and 28. Take an up-close look at our Morgan 3000 homes, the Prescott Ranch residences with the smallest footprint, and an abundance of amenities, that outweigh the competition. Read more

Prescott Breweries | Belgrade’s Best Breweries

Beer lovers, rejoice! Belgrade, Montana, is the place for craft brews, with three breweries nearby (not to mention all of the spots in Bozeman). Montana has a long brewing history, dating back to the early days of settlers in the Wild West. Fortunately, the tradition continues today, since the state ranks second in the nation for the number of breweries per capita. Here are the places to celebrate malt and hops as you make your home in Belgrade. Read more