Retiring? Give Yourself a Fresh Start in Belgrade, Montana

Prescott Homes For Sale

If there’s one thing that working life has taught all of us, it’s that space, solitude, and room for recreation are likely long overdue. By the time retirement comes, you’re ready for a shift, a change in attitude that is pro-YOU. This translates to waking up every day feeling energized, senses stimulated, and ready for whatever the day will bring. 

Why are people moving to Montana when they retire? For one, there’s lots of space to move, plenty of areas to roam, and a gigantic sense of affability for those who are ready to embrace life. Not just for them but for when kids and grandchildren visit, to stay or get healthy, and to be in constant awe of the awesome scenery that exists on all sides.

Upgrade Your Quality of Life

While there are plenty of amazing locations to live in the United States, few offer the grandeur and sheer spectrum of activities available any time of the year than Belgrade Montana. The Prescott homes for sale in this little city are certain to transport you to a deeper appreciation of self, family, and community. 

  • Breathe in the freshest mountain air around
  • Be a part of a community that embraces adventures both large and small
  • Live close enough to mountains you almost live in their shadow
  • Plenty of restaurants, cafes, and brew houses to gather and experience the newest in niche mountain cuisine
  • Have more room to roam. Personal space is important to everyone, and by comparison to big city life in Belgrade, MT you’ll have room to breathe. 

A World of Outdoor Recreation

2022 has brought with it the baggage of the past couple of years – and if it’s one thing that people have learned after the pandemic it’s that life is best lived to its fullest and with expression. With almost 30 million acres available to the public in the state of Montana, it’s easy to see how outdoor recreation is an intrinsic part of a Montanans’ lifestyle.

  • Plenty of fly fishing and charters. Numerous rivers in the area create the perfect opportunity for the new and experienced fly fisherman to hone his craft.
  • If you’re not ready to buy, then rent a motorcycle to tool around downtown and in the area.
  • Camping at any of the many campgrounds nearby including the Bozeman Hot Spring Campground, Montana Camps and Cabins, and the Ross Peak Retreat.
  • Have picnics galore at idyllic parks such as the Lewis and Clark Park and Kathy Hollensteiner Park
  • Go skiing several months out of the year at Bridger Bowl Ski Area.

Luxury Housing With More Value

Retirement may be a time to sell the family home and downsize, but that doesn’t mean for a second that you have to scrimp on luxury. At Prescott Ranch, there are a variety of home plans to choose from to suit all needs for every lifestyle. It’s about living with intention in a geographical area that beyond the town is vast, wild, and free – while the quaint town of Belgrade itself offers serenity and a sense of family and community that will make you proud to put down new roots and call it home.

  • Morgan Series. For those who appreciate options in vertical living, the Morgan Series plans offer between 1,761 and 2,541 square feet of comfortable space, plenty for a duo who is ready for the freedom retirement brings with it.
  • Appaloosa Series. With a slightly more traditional feel, the Appaloosa Series of homes run slightly larger than Morgan, up to 3,308 square feet of luxurious living space with plan 4 allowing for an optional in-law unit, for those who are caring for parents or even college-age children.
  • Lusitano Series. Sprawling affluence and the perfect blend of convenience and comfort, the Lusitano Series options include a one-story and two-story home with various options that make the most of up to 3,538 square feet. 

Celebrate All Seasons

If you’re coming from an area of the United States that gets a lot of hot weather or a lot of rain, take note that Belgrade, MT embraces all four seasons. Winter, spring, summer, and fall are well represented here, with plenty of things to do in every season. Summers tend to be rather short but still warm, and snowfall in the winter is easily manageable. Living close to mountains means fully grasping what the weather brings, and Montanans take pride in their ability to adjust to whatever the big skies and mountains throw their way.